Our mission: 100+ Men committed to contributing $100 four times a year to local charities, which will positively impact our communities by allowing us to give $40,000 + annually. Together, we will make a difference!

100% of our donations will be spent locally by the chosen charity.

Hope Held by a Horse,
Havens Nest

We are not a charity.

We facilitate giving to local charities. Checks are made directly to the charity. We hold quarterly events where we eat, drink, nominate, listen, vote, and donate. The 100 people Who Care concept was actually started as a ‘100 Women Women Who Care ‘group in Jackson, MI by Mayor Karen Dunigan. It has spread throughout the Midwest and the rest of the country.

Our Next Event

Our next meeting will be: TBD


If you aren’t able to attend please donate virtually.

How It Works:
  • Members are encouraged to nominate on paper when they come in to the event a local 501(c)3 charity. We stress the money must be used locally, not sent off outside of the Denver area.  We express this with the nominators and the charity that is selected.
  • Members mingle, drink, eat for an hour or less. We may have a guest speaker each event.
  • We draw 3 nominations, then have the nominator give a short speech on why their charity is deserving of the donation.
  • Ballots are passed out, members rank/vote their top three.
  • Ballots are counted, winner announced, members write a check on the spot to the charity to be collected by the Board.